Chocolate & Oreo Tart


We’re stepping up our game, and baking more complicated things!

One of these, has been a chocolate tart with an oreo base. Again, this is us sharing our experience and learning with this creation, but hopefully we can sometime make it our own and share a recipe!



Of course, this also gives James a chance to learn fine motor skills – especially considering we lack a processor at the moment.
James smashed those biscuits to bits quite well!



Like I said… we lack a food processor and a blender; so to further crush those biscuits, we used a potato masher.



After mixing the crumb with a little bit of butter, it was time to press into the pan! In hind sight, I definitely prefer finer crumbs… but what else could we do?!

Oh! And maybe two whole packets of oreos would have been better, as I believe our pie tin must be slighter larger than that in the original recipe. (Plus, we love our oreos!)



Ganache time!

A great upside of baking with James, are the questions he asks. Yes, sometimes it can get a bit frustrating, but this baking gives us the opportunity to learn to listen and hear James – he likes to know why we are doing something; what is the logic behind it?

For example, why are we letting the cream and chocolate sit for a minute, after heating the cream?
At that time, all I could say was that it gives the chocolate time to start melting.
In the future, I plan to research the answers, and hope that I can find them!



Mmmmm… look at the drizzly goodness!
I really want to make it again now, it was so delicious…



And here it is, almost finished! It just needed 4-6 hours in the fridge, and it was set.
We served this up for our sister’s birthday dessert (we just happened to be making it on her birthday, and she went with it!), and it was a huge hit.

As usual, here are some points on our experiment:

  • Get a food processor
  • More oreos
  • Research answers to James’ questions!!!





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