Cinnamon Doughnuts


One of James’ favourite doughnuts are cinnamon doughnuts – sure, there are chocolate dipped, oreo, or even chocolate doughnuts, but cinnamon are the winner!

So, of course, we had to bake our own!



Thankfully, amazing people have created cake-like, baked doughnut recipes, so we can avoid so much oil (though, Krispy Kreme is worth it every now and then!).



In addition, it makes it sooooooo much easier to make them, if you bake them and use a doughnut pan!

Unfortunately, I only have one doughnut pan, and seven people in this house… and no piping bags. So the doughnuts ended up being all different sizes, thanks to poor separation of the batter, and tiny, makeshift piping bags (small ziplock bags).



Despite all of that, they were a hit! They were all eaten within 24 hours… but they were great!

I really have to praise doughnut pans – they are amazing. I really need to buy more…


What we will do different next time:

  • Buy another doughnut pan!!
  • Buy piping bags!!!
  • Be confident in filling the doughnut cavity completely



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