Failed S.C.D and Privacy Policy


This wombat is just like me. Sleeping, and ignoring everything else going on around him! This website has also been hiding away; not because I’ve felt unmotivated, but because real life got busy, and draining. As a side note, this photo is mine and from a recent, family visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park!

Firstly, before I go any further, when I logged on (after… months…) WordPress encouraged me to create a Privacy Policy page for your (visitors) information. So you can now find that either directly here or by looking under the “About” tab. Even though we aren’t a commercial website; not selling anything to you; not acting as a forum; nor even accepting any new authors – it still is pretty important when it comes to collecting information (for instance, when you comment and when you send a message via the contact form).

So that’s that part done! Now, for the S.C.D – part of the reason why I’ve been so silent, is that we stopped the S.C.D. It just wasn’t working for my family, or myself, this time. Additionally, as I was a carer for my Grandfather, I was easily emotionally drained – it’s a job that is not easy. I had also left my job, for reasons that exacerbated my condition, and I had to recover from that too. Essentially, I wasn’t in a good head space and I completely forgot about Noodle Bake.

My grandfather was recently put into a nursing home, which means I am now out of a job. I’m hoping to begin posting here again – maybe more blogging than recipes, but I’m not sure yet. However, if I get a full time job, I may only be able to post recipes monthly? Maybe fortnightly? If Plan A doesn’t work out, I’ll go for studying – which will give me more time to post. Though I will focus more on trying to make money with the blog? Perhaps? I don’t want to be all “must focus on making business”, but a little on the side will go a long way. Being a student doesn’t pay much, after all! Despite studying, I do plan on looking for a part time job, IF studying comes into affect.

I believe that’s it for now! I’ll hopefully plan a post to share… maybe about my bullet journal journey? Or an ACTUAL recipe perhaps??

Regardless, I promise to get at least one post out in the next month!

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