Giant Twix Bar


It has been a little quiet around here hasn’t it? But that’s okay! I’m working on a proper schedule, and will stick to that once I properly launch this blog 🙂

But for now, the aim is to have some content available, for people to wander through.

For this experiment, Hayley and I attempted a Giant Twix Bar!
(Recipe by Elise at My Cupcake Addiction)

I ended up forgetting to take photos of the beginning, so instead, we’ve got the process of covering the bar in its final layer of chocolate:



We placed the bar right-side up on two glasses, sitting over a tray – to catch any dripping chocolate!

Basically, to build up the main part of the bar, we built it up upside-down in a loaf tin. Firstly, we poured in a 1cm layer of melted chocolate and set that in the fridge. After that, we melted some chewy caramels, and spread that on the chocolate.

Finally, we placed two layers of shortbread cookies (glued with caramel), and then poured more chocolate on top. After a few hours in the fridge, the result is what you saw above!



Next up… the final coat of chocolate! This part was hard to not do taste-testing… just all of that melted chocolate just oozing over the bar… Mmmmmm.

Hayley and I decided not to go too perfect with smoothing the chocolate. Essentially, we just needed to smooth the jagged ends at the bottom, so the bar would sit flat on its surface.



Here is the finished product! Due to the caramel & chocolate, we needed to use a hot, serrated knife to cut through, so as not to crack the chocolate – it was hard work, but well worth it!

Things to consider for next time:

  • We might use chocolate with 100% cocoa butter, as I understand that cooking chocolate doesn’t melt as quickly, but it really was quite difficult cutting through
  • Make our own caramel – just too runny, but one that sets just a little softer than the chewy caramels we used – again, that also made it difficult to cut
  • Another issue that I found, was that because I had to use 1 & 1/2 biscuits in order to fill out a row, that affected the cutting as it wasn’t all in one piece! So the solution may be to bake our own slab of biscuit.


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