Noodle Bake blog launch

Welcome to Noodle Bake!

This is the official blog launch, and Hayley, James and I are excited to be kick starting this new journey with you. If you haven’t read the about us page, or you haven’t heard from us in regards to this blog, then read on where I’ll share a little bit about our goals for Noodle Bake!

Autism Awareness

One of the human noodles, James, has autism. As explained in our About Us page, this means for him that speaking eloquently, socialising, and fine motor skills are hard for him to manage. However, one characteristic about James, that everyone knows about is his love of helping people; in addition, he loves to bake – or more specifically, help us bake!

With his love of helping us bake, James has learned many new skills while making all sorts of creations. In fact, he has increased the variety of foods that he eats! As a result, I (Becca) have wanted to share his journey, as well as share our creations and experiments with people we know, and also new people that we have yet to meet!

Mental Health Awareness

On top of bringing awareness to the Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Hayley and I wish to bring awareness to other mental health issues – more specifically, depression and anxiety, as those are two things that Hayley and I have suffered with (or still suffering with) in our lives. We want to bring awareness to these issues, by pushing ourselves into publicly sharing with Noodle Bake.

Schedule of posts

Okay, so the schedule that we will be keeping here has been planned out on a calendar, and it will ensure that our blog activity remains consistent! There will be some automated processing and post scheduling on this blog, our Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts. At the moment, the Google+ and YouTube accounts are being worked on, and are inactive. But in the future, a Google+ group will be available to interact with us on a more personal level.

Once a month, on a Friday, an original recipe by us will be posted. To define original, it can’t be something we’ve made for the very first time, and have just copied and shared with you guys. Something needs to have been altered, or it needs to be our all-time favourite recipe. No plagiarism will be performed here!

As for our experiments in the Noodle Lab, posts will be fortnightly (every 2nd week), on Tuesdays. Pinterest and Instagram will be updated 3 and 2 times a week (respectively), where the platforms alternate on a fortnightly basis (Pinterest on one week, and Instagram on the other).

End game?

Originally, my idea was to share our experiments on YouTube, and only using the blog to post ingredients and basic methods for recipes, however since the recent changes on YouTube, that may not be possible. However, whatever happens, we will be making this blog our home – especially considering the fact that not even distance can prevent us from posting blog updates! Perhaps we may look into YouTube in the future, but at the moment it appears our area is something they don’t support.

Content Provided

So, what can you currently find on Noodle Bake at the present moment? I have been working hard to put up some content for you guys to be able to look through. I tried my best to ensure some content was up, while also not using that as an excuse to hold back the blog launch!

Right now we mainly have shared our experiments, and have shared at least one, original recipe! But we plan to start creating some healthier content to share, as it seems like a good time to add some. Finally, this is our first Daily Noodle post – basically, this category will be our everyday kind of posts, that don’t necessarily have anything to do with food. They might include trips to specialised food places, but they won’t be limited to that. I hope to have a Daily Noodle post up every 2nd Wednesday, with something interesting – perhaps we might share small essays!

To close off, thank you every one who came to check out our blog, and many thanks to those who read through this post! We plan to work on getting email subscriptions in the future, but at the moment we can’t afford a PO box – so that will have to wait for now.

We shall see you all soon!




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