Oreo Doughnuts

I saw this recipe on Pinterest (pinned at Noodle Bake!), and knew that I just had to try it.
The only problem was, of course… I needed a doughnut pan.


No, no… I can’t just makeshift my own doughnut shifts. I needed a doughnut pan you see. They are really cool, and I just wanted to join the cool kids. So I bought one.



This recipe was ridiculously easy to make, and sooo delicious to eat. They weren’t overly sweet, and then topping them with a cream cheese frosting just added that little something.

For James though, we made him a plain, vanilla frosting which he thought was just as yummy.



In other exciting news, I just bought a new camera! A Canon 700D to be exact, and I love it! We used it for this recipe, so hopefully soon I will have had enough practice to present high, quality photos for you guys!



James even practiced with the camera himself – it was pretty easy, considering I left all of the settings on automatic. It was just a matter of teaching him to press the shutter button half way down to focus, and then complete the press once it focused on his subject.



Of course I was a little stressed, because I paid good money for it! But I need James to learn, because like that day, I couldn’t take a photo while using both hands to squeeze the doughnut batter….

I wish I was an octopus. But I’m not, sadly.



So, back to the doughnuts! If there’s one, huge thing I would do differently, it’s making sure the icing is runny enough!
We did have a little bit of trouble getting the icing to stick onto James’ doughnuts; in fact, the icing decided to suck a doughnut in!



Otherwise, the cream cheese frosting was just runny enough. I ended putting a lot more cream cheese than the original recipe called for – I really wanted to taste the tartness, but one ounce just wasn’t cutting it for me.

All in all, this recipe was great – so simple and delicious. In fact, it’s a great breakfast item too! 😉



Things to do differently next time:

  • Buy proper piping bags/borrow Hayley’s piping bags
  • Ensure icing is runny enough to dip doughnuts

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