Oreo Fudge & Oreo Icecream


James’ and my favourite experiments have to do with oreos!
On this day we made two oreo themed desserts: fudge & ice cream!



These were the ingredients for the fudge: Condensed milk, white chocolate chips… and well, OREOS.
The first stage was to melt the chips & milk together, and stir until well combined.



Then, once that was mixed, I folded in the chopped oreos and poured into an 8x8in, lined pan.
The result is this deliciously rich fudge that bears a striking resemblance to cookies & cream ice cream…

Which we made next of course…



I had to cut up the fudge into tiny pieces – they were that rich. In fact, I probably could have made them smaller!
Nonetheless, they are sooo good.

The ice cream was pretty simple too! Thickened cream, condensed milk and chopped oreos – and no churning required!
Awesome, hey? I might share the recipe sometime, when we’ve perfected it 🙂



James is pretty careful with a knife, so I let him chop up the oreos – I taught him how to do it, because it did perplex him a little bit; I mean, how do you chop oreos?!

But once I showed him the see-saw method, he did a brilliant job!



Once the oreos were chopped, we whisked the cream & milk together with an electric mixer until it was semi-whipped. Next, we folded in the oreos slowly – we didn’t want to overwhip!



Just look at that deliciousness… mm mm. It was beautiful and creamy, with texture from the softened oreos.
Next time… I’m making a double batch. We have seven people in this household; one batch just doesn’t go far enough!

So, what would we do differently next time?

  • For the fudge, I followed the recipe and did 15 sec increments (instead of 30 secs), which I feel took a little bit away from the end result… the chocolate wouldn’t melt in that short amount of time, and would easily harden back up again (though the cold temperature in the kitchen probably didn’t help either!)
  • With the ice cream, I believe I was too careful about over whipping the cream, that I underwhipped it. Whipping cream is such an overwhelming process! I might attempt it in a glass bowl instead, and get it to soft peak consistency.







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