Peanut Butter Dipped Oreos

It has been a little bit quiet hasn’t it? Well, I’m thinking the blog launch might possibly be around mid-October? Until then, sporadic posts and social media branding it is!



For this experiment, James & decided to do something really quite simple… dipping oreos! But these aren’t just your ordinary choc-dipped oreos, they are peanut butter dipped as well as choc dipped! So rich and delicious!

I’m choosing to share this post as an experiment for now, but perhaps sometime in the future I might share dipped oreos as a recipe, but containing many different flavours in one post?


Originally, I was just hoping to melt the peanut butter chips on their own, and be able to dip into it – unfortunately, that was not so. The chips melted into… well, a spreadable peanut butter. Funny that hey?!

Luckily, we had coconut oil in the house! I added just enough to create a runny consistency, but too much that you could taste it.



We then set all the dipped oreos on baking paper, and then placed them into the fridge to harden for the next step.



Smoothing the “feet” of the oreos wasn’t necessary, but I wanted them to look prettier.



James and I took a while to seriously think about whether or not we wanted to completely coat the biscuits in chocolate, or just half dip them. Honestly… it was a big decision!

We ended up dipping only half of the oreo, which turned out prettier and easier to eat, as they were already rich enough with the peanut butter.



What to do differently next time:

  • Be prepared with the coconut oil! We were lucky that we had some tucked away!!
  • Home-made oreos – seriously, we’re willing to go that far. Of course we’d share the recipe with you guys!



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