Sugar Cookies

Who doesn’t love sugar cookies? I mean, not only do they taste great, but the decorating is just so much fun!
(Well, the clean up isn’t!)



This was James’ and my first time making sugar cookies, and next time, I’m forcing Hayley to do it too. At first, James was hesitant to cut & decorate the cookies with me – tip: don’t say “Do you want to cut the dough out?”.

There was a bit of a hold up, during the middle of the process… we had the dough ready to roll out and cut out. Only… we didn’t have a rolling pin. At all.

So James and I made a mad dash to the shops (as fast as you can go, when you have to walk 20 minutes!), and bought one. Phew. Our sugar cookies weren’t doomed for failure!

I had bought flower and circle cutters for this special occasion, but I wanted to kick it up a notch and use the flowers cutters to also create heart cookies!



It wasn’t too hard to work out! Once a basic heart shape was cut, I used a knife just to smooth out the sharp edges.



We made differing shapes and sizes (I knew some cookies would be baked just a little more, due to the size differences, but I just wanted James to have some fun!), and they all baked pretty well. Some were still soft and slightly under baked, and some were just little more well done – everyone had their favourite texture!



Then came the decorating! James and I had no real plan, or designs written/drafted out. We just… played!



I ensured that James practiced his fine motor skills, and piped something too. He did pretty well, if I do say so myself!

Here are some of our designs (some of them, you can tell I just got lazy with… it was a long day, thanks to the missing rolling pin!):



Here is what we would do differently, next time:

  • Although we had fun even without any design plans, next time I want to make themed cookies!
  • Practice with the royal icing consistency and efficiency
  • Ensure that we have a rolling pin nearby!!

Other than those points, it was a great learning experience for James!



2 thoughts on “Sugar Cookies

    1. I am so happy they were gobbled up that Saturday! 😉
      The recipe I used is from In Katrina’s Kitchen, and you can find it here! 😀

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