Victorian Sponge with Ganache


Recently it was my younger brother’s and my birthdays, and I had decided to bake and decorate our own birthday cakes for the family BBQ that we were having. As a result, Noodle Lab posts will ensue! For today, I’ll just be sharing my brother’s cake – a Victorian Sponge with Chocolate Ganache.



Normally a Victorian Sponge is a simple, morning tea kind of cake. Two layers on sponge, with fresh whipped cream and jam (or jelly) in the middle.

But my younger brother wanted to step it up a notch, by having chocolate on top.



He didn’t want a fancy, decorated cake… he was focusing on taste, and I was happy to provide. It definitely was a nice break from the baking and decorating of mine, which I will be posting about in 2 weeks!



I located a genuine Victorian Sponge cake on Pinterest, and a tried and true chocolate ganache recipe. I accidentally baked the Victorian Sponge in tins that were too big – or well, actually, I realised I forgot to borrow noodle Hayley’s perfectly sized cake tins – and so I was worried about how thin the cakes were going to be.

Turns out the only con about the thin cakes, was the cutting of the slices. With the thick fillings, the cakes would tend to slide apart. However, overall, it wasn’t a failure, and within 2 days it was gone!



Once the cakes and the fillings were assembled, I poured the cooled ganache in a disc on top of the cake, and used a spoon to ease it over the edges. I liked how some pooled on the serving plate, and some just dribbled over the billowing cream.



I still want to practice drip cakes, but for my first attempt? I think it’s pretty good, if I do say so myself! Honestly, when things are made to look messy, they end up looking kinda neat.

I’m certainly going to continue making this cake, using the aforementioned recipes – except with maybe thicker cakes!



Things to remember for next time:

  • Smaller cake tins, for thicker cakes (simply for stability reasons; I was lucky this time!)
  • Practice “drip” style ganache
  • Less whipped cream – one side was billowing out too much


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