Fridge Cake

A simple, yet delicious dessert that uses milk chocolate and a crunchy biscuit base. Aptly named, this dessert simply sets in the fridge - though it may require 10 minutes of resting so as to not break any teeth!

  • 250 g digestive biscuits/graham crackers
  • 90 g butter
  • 1 tbsp white or caster sugar
  • 1 tbsp golden syrup
  • 700 g couverture chocolate
Preparing the Biscuit Base
  1. Grease a medium sized dish (or large if you wish to double the recipe!), and then layer the base with baking/parchment paper. You can use a tart tin, cake tin, or porcelain dish, and in any shape.

  2. Melt, in a small saucepan, the butter, sugar and golden syrup. With the experience of our cook top, we only needed a medium to low heat to melt these ingredients - the last thing you want is a burnt sugar syrup!

  3. Process the digestive biscuits in a food processor, and then add your sugary mixture once it has cooled a little bit. Blitz it all up until evenly combined.

  4. Press your biscuit mixture into your prepared tin/dish, ensuring to pack it all in! I used the bottom of a glass to smoothen it out.

  5. Refrigerate the biscuit base for at least half an hour, in the meantime, you can melt your chocolate! (Or take a short break if you need to...)

Melting the chocolate
  1. In a saucepan (you can even reuse the same pan from the sugar mixture!), add a little bit of water, and set on your cooktop.

  2. Break up your chocolate into small pieces, and place into a glass bowl - do NOT use metal bowls! The conduct heat, and may either burn you or the chocolate!

  3. Place the bowl on top of your saucepan, and ensure there is no gap between the mouth of the pan, and the bottom of the bowl - you need to make sure there is a tight seal.

  4. Heat the chocolate on a low heat (not medium-low, just low), and wait until the chocolate begins to melt a little bit. Once it starts melting, start stirring the chocolate - it's not necessary to continuously stir, however agitating the chocolate does melt it faster.

  5. As soon as all lumps have disappeared, immediately take of the bowl, and place it on a towel away from the saucepan - if ANY water gets into your chocolate, the delicious goodness will seize and become useless.

  6. Let the chocolate cool for a few minutes; then bring out your biscuit base, and pour the chocolate on top, and smoothen it out. Place the dessert back into the fridge, and wait until the chocolate has hardened!

  7. Once hardened, pull the dessert out of the fridge, and let it sit for 10 minutes. To cut without cracking the chocolate, heat a sharp knife in hot water, then dry it off. With some pressure, lay the sharp side of the knife on the fridge cake, and let the heat melt through the chocolate.

  8. When the knife hits the biscuit base, you may be able to apply more pressure in order to slice through the base. Serve, or place into an air tight container, in the fridge for easy snacking later! (Or should I say dangerous snacking later?)