Apple Jelly/Gelatin

This recipe can be adjusted to suit your needs: only serving one person? Half the recipe! Need to feed a large family? Double the recipe! Want to have firmer jelly, for gummies? Add more gelatin! Honestly, this recipe is your playground.

  • 2 tbsp Great Lakes gelatin or other unflavoured gelatin of your preference
  • 1 litre pure apple juice ensure that no sugar is added, to ensure SCD appropriate
  1. Measure out your apple juice into a microwave-safe bowl or jug (preferably a jug, as most have a pouring spout).

  2. Sprinkle the gelatin as evenly as you can over the top of your juice. This allows the gelatin to soak up as much juice as possible before we attempt to mess with it.

  3. Place the bowl/jug into the microwave, and cook for around 3 minutes, stirring every minute (this timing is based on a 1200 watt microwave, please reduce time if yours has a lower wattage).

  4. Once finished, grab a dish to pour your jelly into. You want it to be deep enough that it can fit all of the liquid, without overflowing; we used a short, square casserole dish.

  5. Pour in your liquid jelly, and cover - we use cling wrap, but if you have other methods to cover, use those! Basically, we just don't want that leftover chicken dish smell in our jelly.

  6. Place into the fridge and let set for a few hours - I haven't yet timed it, but I'd say you have to wait at least 3 hours, and then you can check. If the centre is still pretty wet, then leave it for another 2 hours. We normally make it at night, and then eat it the next day.

  7. Use a knife to cut the jelly into squares if you like - as fats aren't allowed in the beginning of the diet, we aren't able to grease the dish to make it easier for the jelly to slide out. So we just use a spoon to scoop out the jelly we want. It's not so pretty, but it works!